Small Business Support Specialist

Specialist vs. Niche Provider

Some computer support companies are niche service providers … that means they primarily support specific type of businesses, like health care, accountants, or attorneys.  Our company, Fortis Logic, is considered a generalist.  We support many different types of businesses.

While your business may be different than others, it's technology support needs aren't much different.  In fact, most business types, unless franchised, make use of technology in very diverse ways.  The difference in the technology needs for a small business are usually determined by how loose the owners are with access to the internet and how much they want to push it to get an advantage.  It's rarely one size fits all.   The small business with limited funds can't afford to waste money on bad technology or technology that's really expensive and difficult to support.

We work with small businesses on two different support models.  We do pay as you go, by the hour, only pay for what you use.  We also offer fixed price support contracts where you know exactly what your technology support costs will be each month.

Business Types we Currently Support

  • Veterinarians
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturer
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping and Crating
  • Accounting
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Legal
  • Engineers and Surveyors
  • Software as a Service Providers
  • Management and Coaching

Because our client base is so diverse, we have years of experience with many different types of software applications, computer hardware platforms and specialty hardware devices that we successfully install and get working with the company’s computer systems.  We also provide software and website development and marketing services to companies to further increase their efficiency and profitability.

By providing these diverse services, we have gained an in depth understanding of how everything fits together.  We understand the communications side of businesses, whether it be email, text messaging, fax, cellular or land base voice and how it all fits together.