The Single Biggest Mistake Most Website Designers Make

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If I had a dollar for every website I visited that made this mistake, I would be a rich man. Do you know what the mistake is? It’s not that the site is plain or ugly.


It’s that it wasn’t designed to be a direct response website. Most sites are brochure style websites, or what I like to call name, rank and serial number.


You know the type; they list the company name, contact information, what services they offer or products they sell and then nothing. No call to action. No offer of any kind. They just expect you buy whatever they’re selling with little or no effort on their part. They never really try to sell you anything.


I don’t know about you, but I want my website to work for me. It’s like Mr. Wonderful on the Shark Tank says about his money. “Here's how I think of my money: As soldiers. I send them out to war every day. I want them to take prisoners and come home, so there are more of them."  That’s how you should think about the pages of your website. As soldiers. 24 hours a day they are working to bring you leads, sales, and ultimately money. Any other type of website is simply a waste of money.


You must have a clear plan on how your website will bring you more customers, clients, or patients that leads to more money in your bank account. You can’t spend the glowing reviews you get from your friends, family or business associates. The only thing that matters is that your website makes you money. Everything else is simply a waste of time and your money.

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